Health Blogger Reveals The Reality Behind Instagram Images

Sara Puhto, a health blogger, shares side-by-side pics revealing how much an angle or sucking your tummy in could change in a pic. You can see a striking difference in her pics, it’s hard to believe that both are same girl at the same time.

“Nobody’s booty looks round and peachy from all angles,” Sara writes. She is trying to tell the world that beauty starts with self-love and those ‘perfectly fit’ pics online are not what our definition of ‘beauty’ should be. Check out some of Sara’s body-positive pics!

To show just that, she took two side by side pics just seconds apart, the only difference was her posture

“Nobody has abs or a flat tummy 24/7 when they sit down,” she writes

“The other day I saw an Instagram post by a celebrity who had clearly photoshopped their body to make it look more curvy”

“Clothing sizes have the ability to make us feel bad about ourselves when we’ve gone up a size and feel good when we’ve gone down a size”

“Just because someone wears a smaller size than you doesn’t make them a better person or a more beautiful person”

“The beauty industry strives off our insecurities, and only shows so few body types, please don’t let this make you hate yourself”


“Being you and having confidence is what makes you beautiful. Not what some beauty magazine portrays as beautiful.”


You shouldn’t believe everything you see online.

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