Meet Ajay Kshirsagar, The Creator Of The Viral Song ‘Sonu Tujha Majhyavar Bharosa Nay Kay’

Ajay Kshirsagar created ‘Sonu Tujha Majhyavar Bharosa Nay Kay’, styled on Marathi folk,  which has over six million views.

But do you know who’s is Sonu? In interviews to Marathi TV channels, Kshirsagar says it’s what his wife calls him lovingly. In fact his wife Bhagyashali has also sung the song along with him.

So where did this idea come from –

Music composer Ajay Kshirsagar’s brother forwarded a short clip to him on WhatsApp which he decided to expand.

Since it was uploaded on YouTube this song already inspired countless versions of it you can watch 10 versions here.

Kshirsagar has been writing songs since he was 15 and this isn’t the first time his creation gone viral. His Mi Tujha Parsha, Tu Majhi Archi has over three million hits on YouTube.

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