5 Amazing Smartphone Gadgets under 249 Rupees

These Cheap and Simple Gadgets will completely change how you use your smartphone! They can be easily bought from links given below.

1.USB OTG Adapter

Moving your multimedia files between your pen drives/external hard discs and your smartphones/tablets gets easier with the USB OTG Adapter. Click Here to buy

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2. Jackom Key (Remappable Button)

Smart key is a kind of plug that inserts into the earphone jack, no need for unlocking. With a gentle press, all the common functionality will unlock instantly.You can set the functions to be operated from the smart key. you can buy it from here.

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Smart key software with one click, double click, thrice click and long press click function to set multiple phone features usage. Smart key only supports the phones with system Android (system of iPhone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, etc. are not supportive for the moment) • Only need to Download an Application using the QR code( mentioned on the product pack).

3.Charging Stand

Places itself between your battery charger and the wall socket. Provides a support for your mobile phone & a convenient storage for your charging cord. Click Here to buy

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4. Ring Holder

For batter grip on your phone, Click Here to buy.

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5.Jack Splitter

3.5mm Stereo headphone adaptor lead. Stereo 3.5mm jack plug to two Stereo 3.5mm sockets. Allows 2 pairs of headphones can be connected to an iPod or other MP3 player to allow both people to listen at once. Also allows 2 sets of speakers to be connected to a PC. Click Here to buy.


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